Within the last 10 years we have been supplying the equipment for cement and concrete producers.

At present we offer the following:

1. For precast concrete factories:

  Skako Concrete A/S equipment: planetary counter-current Atlanitis mixer, Rotoconix cone mixer, ideally siuted for UHPC production Conflex concrete transportation system, Skakomat 600 automated process control system. We also supply the Vuerschum admixturers proportioning system , powder color pigments proportioning units of Finke Dosiertechnik, as well as Bibko technological water recycling systems. 

2. For Ready-Mix concrete producers:

  Stationary, mobile and tower batching plants. All the proposed units are well equipped with the modern planetary and twin-shaft mixers, precise proportioning systems and automatically controlled. The erection, installation and commissioning does not take much time. Most of our batching plants are designated to produce high quality concrete at the construction site. The full product range and detailed plants descriptions are submitted in the Batching plants page.

3. For cement factories:

  We offer the cement producers to consider the possibility of replacing the obsolete and out-dated VOLGA clinker coolers with the modern state-of-the-art NORDICON COOLER. Detailed specification and description of the NORDICON COOLER is given in the Parts of equipment chapter of the site.

 In order to effectively operate the cement ball, to sufficiently reduce the specific energy consumption, and to considerably increase the cement flowability, its initial and final strength we produce and supply Flexolith-VIP Grinding Aid and Performance Enhancers. These patented products have been rigorously tested in numerous cement plants and is well suited for Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) as well as for Portland Limestone Cement (PLC) and Limestone Calcined Clay cement (LC3), which have great CO2 reduction potential. All our products are cost-effective, user-friendly and provide for more hourly output with higher quality parameters. For details, see Chapter Grinding Aids of our site.

 4. In 2017 we started the development of CarbonCapt technology process, designated for significant reduction of CO2, emitted by the global cement plants. In 2018 we designed, manufactured and tested the pilot CarbonCapt plant with the CarbOilex pyrolysis reactor flow gases treatment. The detailed desciption of the technology and the pilot plant test results are presented at the CarbonCapt technology page.

 in 2021-2022 we have also taken a big step in further development of CarbonCapt technology: we designed, built and tested a unique mobile Electrodialysis Module (EDM), designated to effeciently withdraw the Heat Stable Amine Salts (HSAS) from the amine absorbent. So today we have Level 8 Technology Readiness, a proprietary chemical absorption solvents range,  process design and basic engineering to scale up the CarbonCapt technology into the global cement and energy sectors.

5. In the second half of 2022 we also made a big job, focused on search of the most viable and economically feasable ways to dispose the captured CO2: together with liquid CO2 injection into Ready-Mixed concrete we have investigated the prospective use of Supercritical CO2 fluid extraction of contaminants from different hydrocarbons.

 So now we are working on the design and project calculation for the pilot CARBONAFT SC CO2 fluid extraction unit, designated for cost and energy effective withdrawal of naphtene acids from bitumen and crude oil.

 We are also a dealer of Danish Hasle Refractories A/S  , who specialises in refractory bricks production for cement, energy and minig industries.