Landsborg Group LLC develops, produces and supplies a range of innovative brand new Grinding Aids (GA)  and Performance Enchancers (PA) for the cement ball mills.

These are the following products:

1. Flexolith - VIP 7320, a polyhydric diols - based GA and PA, especially formulated for Portland Limestone Cement (PLC), Granulated Furnace Slag Cement (GFSC) and Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC). 

2. Flexolith - VIP 7395 a polyhydric anion surfactant - based GA and PA, well siuted for PLC and OPC.

We also still have been producing a very well proven with the different types of cement our Flexolith - VIP 5395, which has been a bestseller within the recent 5 years.


Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or these products. Contact us if you would like to try these product in the laboratory or at industrial scale.

We will be glad to share our expertise and answer any questions regarding Flexolith - VIP GA and PA use with OPC, PLC and LC3 cement grinding.